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Global Human Access Resources Ltd (GHARL) is a management consultancy firm that specializes in Information technology, Human resources and Financial services. GHARL has over 5 years of experience working in international development using technology, with 3 of those years supporting HIV programs and 2 years of experience working on CDC funded programs. GHARL has been working in Nigeria since 2015 and currently manages a number of projects in close collaboration with International organizations. One of which is the CDC funded project through UMB/MGIC with annual expenditures averaging over $2m (Two million dollars) for all programs combined.

In Nigeria regarding the most recent and relevant experience, under the CDC-funded SHIELD project in Nigeria, GHARL has supported the enhancement of the National Laboratory Information Management systems specifically on its interoperation with the HIV electronic medical record systems (EMR). This implementation, when scaled up, links over 1,000 ART sites having EMR in the country with all the PEPFAR supported PCR laboratories in-country. The linkage optimizes the lab-clinic interface and can potentially shorten Turn-Around-Time by over 20%. The proposed project will consolidate on the existing platforms to strengthen the lab information systems and ensure its data aggregation on the National Data Repository (NDR) for informed decision making and program management by the CDC.

GHARLs most recent ongoing projects are funded by International Drug Purchasing Facility (UNITAID), Buffet Foundation and Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) among others since 2017 which includes orientation, training, monitoring and data management of her maternal neonatal health programs and her family planning programs. The model GHARL deployed for the execution of the project has been scaled to other sub-Saharan African countries. More generally, these projects worked to provide baseline studies on ways to improve immunization among children in 6 States in Nigeria through various ways including baseline assessment studies, TOT workshops and trainings, etc.

Our Financial Services Department is comprised of a team you can trust. It includes financial reporting software development, Payroll automation and Compliance. In our financial reporting software development department, we offer our clients the development of software for financial reporting that fits their specific needs. Our team of Certified Accountants will study the peculiarity of your business and build software that best suits their business model. Our Payroll team will make paying your employees seamless with the click of a button. We can automate your payroll while also providing tax reporting services such as the appropriate deductions for VAT, PAYE, etc. Our compliance team is versed in the regulation and enforcement of the laws and rules in finance and the capital markets. We work to meet key regulatory objectives and seek to protect our clients from financial and systemic ris

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate  professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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  • Global Human Access Resources Ltd (GHARL) has always been from a position of looking into the future and trying to position the company with international standards to add value to the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is  technology and development based
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